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Pet Car Bag

Pet Car Bag

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Product information:

  • Material: Cloth
  • Capacity: 40*30*25cm
  • Pattern: geometric pattern
  • Hardness: Medium
  • Specifications: red, black, gray, pink, blue, black footprints, vintage brown, coffee puppy, black bones, blue bones, gray bones, powder bones
  • Color: anti-collapse fiber rod type, anti-collapse PVC pipe type
  • Size: bottom 40*32CM, height 25cm weight: 900g


The new 4D pet anti-dirty breathable car mat, double-layer thickening
Both the front seat and the back seat can be used, which is very convenient.
With zipper pocket design, you can put some small things,
The cushion contains a safety traction, which is buckled on the dog collar or chest back to prevent pets from running around in the car. It is safe and humane. It is a must-have product for pet owners to travel at home!


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